A Cat Video With the Works

This one has it all! Percussion duet for cat and human. Bold kitten vs. one of those dogs from The Omen. Cat as music critic. And we probably don’t want to know what was in that glass that the cat rejected with a most eloquent demonstration of disgust.

5 comments on “A Cat Video With the Works

  1. Little Drummer Cat is my favorite! but the little one posturing at the Rottweiler is hilarious 🙂

  2. Wonderful drummer cat! And the cat with the bowl — it must have had catnip pesto in it. Loved the kitten-and-kid battle over the milk bottle! And the warrior kitten intimidating the massive dog. Actually, they were all great. Thanks, Lee.

    1. I am convinced that cat was consciously imitating the human drummer.
      I wonder if Unknowable’s cat can play the guitar.

    2. No, thankfully, but I did have a cat that would try to gain my attention by smacking a guitar I had hanging on the wall. It worked, BTW.

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