The Fearless Kitten

The dogs just want to sleep. They’re Dalmatians, and were probably putting out fires all night. But the kitten wants to play, so he does everything he can to rouse the dogs.

Now one of these dogs could eat him in just a few bites–and yet they don’t. That’s fascinating. Why do they let this little cat pester them? Why are they so careful not to harm him? Like, just try this with a horned frog or a black iguana and see how quickly you get bitten–but good.

2 comments on “The Fearless Kitten

  1. Awww – this is really sweet. Even though this little kitty is pestering these two Dalmatians, and even though they vastly outsize her, they’re very gentle and sweet to her 🙂

  2. It amazes me, the degree to which domestic animals are capable of understanding. The dogs,apparently, understand that they are part of a domestic arrangement and realize that the kitten is part of that same arrangement. In any event, it’s durned cute, with a capital Q. 🙂

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