Stair Surfing (and Other Doggy Peculiarities)

I don’t want to make a certain reader overly homesick for his cat, so tonight let’s have some funny dogs.

Among the things that domestic cats and dogs have to deal with, which are, like, never found in nature, are stairs. Stairs are at the top of the list. So they go up the stairs backwards, or sideways, or in strange little jumps; and some of them go down by surfing on their bellies.

Actually, that looks kind of fun. I think I’ll try it.

7 comments on “Stair Surfing (and Other Doggy Peculiarities)

  1. The ‘backwards’ dogs are hilarious! Seems they’d rather see where they’ve been than where they’re going 🙂 I felt sorry for the poor little ones who fell though. I could almost feel the bumps.

  2. Years ago, my dog fell partways down and outside stairs. I felt so sorry for him, because he did not land gracefully. What I find the most amazing, is how well many dogs do with stairs, cats too.

    I am, fortunately enough, stating in a home with a cat and receiving some charity in the form of feline attention. I’ve had the privilege of opening doors to let the cat in and out (repeatedly) and I’ve been allowed to give said feline a neck rub. It’s amazing the sacrifices a cat will make for a human. 🙂

    1. What a boost for you! Cats are very intuitive. But you may be in for some trouble when you get home if this ‘stranger’ left any scent on you or any of your items lol. I’m sure the joy of your return will override any misgivings over territory 🙂

    2. My next stop is to a home with two dogs. I suspect that these will be the scents which cause problems when I get home.

    3. I sure can relate to that. Every time I came home from my daughter’s house (she lived 10 minutes from me and had 2 dogs and 5 cats), I was inspected by my dogs and my cats (my parrot didn’t seem to mind). It usually took a bit of cajoling and some treats but they got over it 🙂

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