The Gorgeous Goldfinch

This afternoon, as I forged ahead on my book, I was blessed with the sight of two goldfinches, a mated pair. The male is the bright yellow one, and the female has a kind of greenish tint.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with more of God’s stuff that really works and is a delight to His people.

Although the goldfinch is our state bird here in New Jersey, we don’t see them that often. But the male goldfinch is a real eye-catcher, and usually where you see one, you see both. They’re never very far from one another.

A good lesson for married people, that!

3 comments on “The Gorgeous Goldfinch

  1. They truly are incredibly beautiful birds. We’ve had a pair that for the past several years nests in a small fir tree in our yard. Since I feed the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies, we see them often. And what a treat when the babies begin to fly and follow their parents to the seed I put out. The whole family is there! Last year I took pictures 🙂

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