Cats as Smart as College Grads!

I suppose if the cat who knows how to use a human toilet also knew how to flush it, that would prove a highly superior mind. But in true cat fashion, he has adapted to a system designed only for humans, and originated a toilet paper regime that makes perfect sense to a cat. No litter box–so make the paper do the job of litter. Cover the bad stuff. Problem solved!

Could any Gender Studies major do as well?

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4 responses to “Cats as Smart as College Grads!

  • Phoebe

    My previous cat, a Himalayan, used to yell for me to come and clean out his litter box whenever he did something, uh, solid. If I didn’t get there as fast as he thought I should, he would pull down a mound of toilet paper on top of it. However, if he, uh, accomplished his business when I wasn’t home, he merely covered it up with litter and didn’t bother with the toilet paper. In other words, the toilet paper pull-down was his way of training me to do his bidding.


  • Linda Sorci

    That kitty sure was intent on making sure he used enough toilet paper – and by the way, he was completely unimpressed with his audience lol. The kitty who straddled the little bridge so his little feet didn’t get wet was hilarious. And the little rafter hopped on and crossed the pool, leaving his buddy on the other side. These are all hilarious! Cats are impressively intelligent 🙂


  • UnKnowable

    They do train us, no question about that.

    I have several guitars and they are hung on the wall. My old tomcat would decide he needed my attention and do so by swatting one of the guitars so it bumped against the wall. If it was a matter of importance to him, or if I had ignored him, he would choose the most beloved and most expensive guitar as his target. This happened on quite a few occasions. I ended up rearranging my hangers because of him. He was a great cat, but no respecter of musical instruments. 🙂


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