Centaur Sighting: Bunion, NJ

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This just in!

Bunion Township police were at first incredulous when a woman sobbed out a tale of “some kind of horse thing with a beard” snatched her purse and “galloped, I tell you” into the dense forest lining both sides of Popocatapetl Road. But when the construction of an Indenti-Kit picture yielded the image of a centaur, they had to take the story seriously.

It is not known what the centaur will do with the woman’s purse. Meanwhile, interviews with residents have confirmed that there is a half-man, half-horse thingy living in the area. “I come out one morning and he was using my trampoline,” a man reported.

At first skeptical of the reports, Mayor Alphonse Testacol has just announced a $15.00 reward to the first person who can provide video of the centaur.

“It could get tricky,” said Police Chief Warren Peece, “if the centaur disguises itself with makeup from the purse.”

6 comments on “Centaur Sighting: Bunion, NJ

  1. The poor woman must have been scared witless – and apparently the mayor was already witless. How many people does he think will go out of their way to supply him with videos for $15.00. The upside of this whole affair is a least it wasn’t a minotaur!

  2. I think we should have some compassion for this centaur. It’s hard for a centaur to get work these days, even with Uber. Besides, he may just have been indulging in a bit of horseplay, and the woman’s screams scared him away.

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