Unpredictable Cats

Aren’t you glad your cat doesn’t do the ol’ use-up-all-the-toilet-paper trick? To say nothing of hunkering down inside the bowl. Or jumping up on top of your head after you’ve washed your hair.

You just never know what your cat is going to do next.

2 comments on “Unpredictable Cats

  1. The cat sitting up like a human was a new one on me. I’ve had cats for most of the last fifty years and have never seen such a thing before. The hammock cat was pretty good too.

    1. I once had a Doberman who used to sit on the couch next to me with his butt on the couch, his back legs crossed like a person and his front feet on the floor. Somewhere I have a picture 🙂

      These kitties were all hilarious, but I really like the hammock cat lol

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