Sunday School Favorite: ‘Draw Me Nearer’

It’s said Fanny Crosby wrote this hymn off the top of her head, all at once, while visiting with the composer–who just happened to have the tune handy.

Anyway, this is the hymn that was in my head this morning, and I hope you like the video. God’s handiwork never fails to move me. Draw Me Nearer, with video by the Rosehill Church.

4 comments on “Sunday School Favorite: ‘Draw Me Nearer’

  1. Thanks, Lee, for this uplifting way to start a day. And the video was beautiful – but then, God’s handiwork always is.

  2. Every morning when I wake up and turn on my computer to check my email, I go through a lot of chaos, bad news, and scary things, and then I retreat to the beautiful hymns that you post every day. Thank you for a daily refuge, Lee.

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