Memory Lane: Candid Camera

We need a sanity break, we need a laugh–and here’s one, courtesy of Allen Funt and Candid Camera, from somewhere in the 1960s. Watch how these bowlers react when the pins start behaving oddly. Who didn’t love this show!

6 comments on “Memory Lane: Candid Camera

  1. Some of the earliest episodes were amazingly creative. Remember the time they put up a road block and told people that the state of New Jersey was closed that day?

  2. This really was an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes back in the day. I wish the mind set of people in the present were like this.

  3. Thanks, Lee. I needed a laugh tonight 🙂

    Does anyone remember – and I really can’t remember if it was Candid Camera or some other similar show – where people were getting vaccinated against the dreaded computer virus? 🙂

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