Bernie Sanders’ Own Jihad

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Less than a week after a disgruntled Democrat opened fire on Republican Congressmen playing baseball, 2016 presidential wannabe Bernie Sanders, a U.S. Senator, during a live Facebook event, urged his followers to “fight back” in “an unprecedented way”–because, he insisted, unless the Republicans are ousted from power by the Democrats, “thousands of people will die!” (

Well, gee, Bernie–isn’t that precisely what the shooter did?

Elizabeth Warren, another kook senator, echoed his remarks.

Bernie was quick to denounce the attempted massacre–but what’s he doing now? I mean, is it okay to assassinate Republicans because “thousands of people will die” if you don’t?

Muslims aren’t the only ones on the jihad bandwagon.

Do these fools honestly think this kind of rhetoric is… helpful? Good for the country?

These Democrats are mad, crazed by their lust for power, out of their minds for having lost the last election, and driven half-berserk by having been thwarted in their plans for wiped-out borders, Global Warming, high taxes, and enforced “gender” lunacy.

Can you imagine the horror of them ever again getting control of the government?

I don’t even want to try.

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  1. People like Sanders maybe not be directly responsible when one of his supporters goes up and shoots at Republicans. However, the degree of rhetoric, hyperbole, and fear mongering has been ratcheted up so high by these people, that I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of this. They are at least partially indirectly responsible for inciting the masses to do violence on their behalf. You are right Lee, this sort of polarization and balkanization is not healthy for the country. A kingdom divided against itself can not stand.

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