A Hymn to Soothe a Freaked-Out Heart

We’re back from the vet’s. Robbie freaked out in the car. She wasn’t the only one. I decided I’d better pray: and this was the hymn I whistled, as loud as I could, the rest of the way there–What a Friend We Have in Jesus, here sung by Alan Jackson. This is the hymn that got me there with my eyeballs still in my head.

My baby had her blood taken for analysis, and received a thorough hands-on exam. The vet says the most likely culprit for Robbie’s condition is hyper-thyroid. There are other much grimmer possibilities, but she didn’t see any signs pointing to any of them. The blood work will be ready tomorrow afternoon.

I’m kind of wrung out by now, and I need to get outdoors and air out my brain.

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6 responses to “A Hymn to Soothe a Freaked-Out Heart

  • Linda Sorci

    Excellent selection! Very soothing to the soul.

    Hopefully Robbie will be fine – I’m sure she’s a bit freaked out right now too. And how is Patty managing? Peace to you both.


  • UnKnowable

    Hyper-thyroid is at least manageable. It also can play into extra stress when traveling. My cat did well until she became hyper-thyroid.


  • Phoebe

    A freaked-out cat in a car is one of the most hair-raising experiences in the world. But I pray that the results of the trip will be comforting — at least something easier to deal with than shrieks every 1.5 seconds (something my mother’s cat once kept up for over an hour on a long trip).

    I love this hymn. And it always reminds me of another hymn that I heard only once, almost 40 years ago, but that changed my life: “Do You Know My Jesus?” In my journey toward God, my mind had already begun to acknowledge Jesus, but this hymn turned my heart to Him. I actually broke down and wept halfway through the hymn. There were still a couple of years to go before I gave my full mind, heart, and soul to Jesus, but “Do You Know My Jesus” was a big turning point in the journey.

    I guess I’m submitting a hymn request here, huh? 🙂


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