Some Happy Cats for You

I’m in the mood for happy cats, especially after the pill-athon my cats put on all day yesterday. Patty has just given them some filet mignon. Oh, well–I once gave my turtle lobster. Maybe more than once.

Note the cat who likes to get spun around in the swivel chair. I’ve had cats who enjoyed that immensely. Robbie’s quite fond of it. And Buster, well, you couldn’t spin that chair around too fast for him; and he was very good at pretending that he wasn’t dizzy.

3 comments on “Some Happy Cats for You

  1. Cats sure know how to enjoy themselves.

    I had a friend that used to spin one of my cats in a chair. It was a special activity, just between the two of them, and a lot of fun to watch.

  2. Some of these are hilarious and some were just so precious! The kitten half asleep under a running faucet is looking a little more comfortable than any I’ve ever experienced 🙂 and the one with the balloon – my granddaughter did that to her dog once and his reaction was more than entertaining!

  3. Just darling! I wonder whether my cat would enjoy a toothbrush head-massage? The kissing-and-nestling kitten is adorable. And yes, the cat with the balloon is a charmer. Now excuse me while I go watch the series again … and again.

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