I’m in Computer Hell Again

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I hadn’t even gotten my pants on this morning when my wife announced we were back in Computer Hell. This time it was the email: no one gets in, no one gets out. The experts wrestled with it for three hours before admitting they were stymied, no can do, wait till tomorrow and someone else will try…

Gee, it’s hard to edit the stuff they pay you to edit when you can’t get it out of the email.

Ooh, look at this! Windows wants to do an update. Right now!

And they want to merge human minds–if they can find any–with computers.

9 comments on “I’m in Computer Hell Again

  1. I’m so sorry, Lee. It’s unbelievably frustrating to have computer problems – especially when, like me, you’re really at a disadvantage because you don’t know how the durned things work.

    Your NWV article this morning would be hilarious if it weren’t so true. Well, actually, I did laugh, especially at the names and locations of these crackpots. Their methods of resolution were really good too. The thing is, that’s pretty much how they think. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but your computer’s acting up since that was published. Hmmm . . .

    1. There’s at least one good thing – Robbie’s condition is manageable. I do feel sorry for her though. She (and you) have had to endure her asthma treatments – and now this. I can’t imagine she’s exceptionally cooperative. Hopefully, your household has returned to normal.

  2. You’re really getting on the Devil’s nerves these days, aren’t you? Look at it this way: he wouldn’t be attacking you on so many fronts if you weren’t doing some good against him. I know that seems like cold (or blazing hot?) comfort when everything is going wrong the way it’s been doing with you lately. But I imagine crucifixion wasn’t much fun, either — and I’m not trying to be blasphemous, just trying to see some point in the suffering you’ve been undergoing.

    Strange how we can hold up against the major tragedies better than the onslaught of multiple frustrations. Partly, I guess, because we don’t feel silly when we’re rending our garments over the major disasters the way we do when we’re trying to balance sick cats, sick computers, and, say, sick air conditioners. Partly, too, because of the multiplication factor: We can swat a housefly and it’s done, but there’s no way to swat a swarm of gnats. It’s the swarm of gnats that always gets to me.

    1. It’s the minor irritations that can really drive you crazy. And computer stuff is my Achilles heel: that truly gets to me. Later I’m ashamed of myself for overreacting.
      But even computer stuff can’t beat a cat in a carrier yowling every second as you drive her to the vet…

  3. I have stuck with Windows 7. When I went to get a new computer I found they still sell them with Windows 7. I said to the salesman, “I’ve never had a problem with Windows 7.” He said, “Nobody has ever had a problem with Windows 7.”
    So until they stop supporting Windows 7, and maybe long after, I’m staying put.

    1. We have Windows 7, too. Everyone I know who has tried 8 or 10 says those versions stink on toast. As for Windows 9… well, the public was never permitted to see that one. It must’ve been a doozy!
      I thought I heard the recent worldwide malware attack was going to force Microsoft to continue to support Windows 7 and even older versions.

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