Inquiring Cats Want to Know

Treat yourself to hours of fun, trying to figure out what these cats are looking at. Whatever it is, it has intensely piqued their interest. But what could it be? Makes me wonder if those rumors are true, about the crickets as big as possums creeping along the telephone wires down on Christol Avenue…

4 comments on “Inquiring Cats Want to Know

    1. They sure do! 🙂 The kitty who’s surprise grew to utter astonishment was hilarious, and so was the one standing on two legs. Cats never cease to amaze and entertain us. Blessings they are for sure.

  1. This sure was cute. For the first time today, my cat stood up on two legs just like the one in the video. He couldn’t get a clear enough view of the highway without the taller posture. I was wishing I could reach my phone to take a picture, but he was too quick for me.

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