Sanity Break: Daddy’s Baby

One of my very earliest memories is of my father carrying me in his arms and singing to me–probably because I woke of squawking in the middle of the night. Usually he sang “You Are My Sunshine,” and sometimes “Sweet Violets.” Oh, how dearly I remember that! And this video reminded me of it.

Our Heavenly Father loves us just as much, and He will re-unite us with those who loved us here on earth. I look forward to hearing Daddy’s song again. And I pray he knows that I remember it.

2 comments on “Sanity Break: Daddy’s Baby

  1. This one is bittersweet to me. Brought me to tears. My stepson’s baby daughter was only 7 weeks old when he passed. He would’ve been such a great daddy and she is now the brightest spot in our lives and nearly 3 years old.

  2. That really touched me. With all the ugliness and perversity around us, we need reminders that there is still much beauty and wonder to our lives. What could be more endearing than a happy baby?

    Also, thanks for the reminder that our Father will reunite us with our loved ones.

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