It Ain’t Hate When Libs Do It

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When President Trump tries to keep Muslim terrorists out of the country, liberals go ballistic. See, that would be “hate.”

But the state of California, liberal paradise, has its own travel ban, which it has widened this week. California state employees are prohibited from traveling on business to any states deemed by California to be “hateful” to sodomites, transgenders, and other sexual aberrations, and they have now included four more states–Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, and Kentucky (

Could it be that California hates anyone who’s not on the Culture Rot Express? Does California hate anyone who believes God is right about sin, and fallen man is wrong?

Oh, no, no! Whenever liberals lash out at anyone–like, for instance, threatening to kill Republicans if they repeal Obamacare–they only do it from the purest of motives. So if they bar you from getting a teaching certificate because you don’t agree with them about Climbit Change, that’s not hate and bigotry–that’s just them laying a hurt on you for your own good–and because you deserve it for being a Climbit Change denier and anybody who doesn’t agree with them ought to be beaten senseless, etc.

It’s never “hate” when they do it. Just ask the nooze media.

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  1. Well, there is no objective truth, you know; we construct our realities. I know this (even though I can’t “know” anything since there’s no reality to know) bekuase my teecher telled me “it” in Joe Collidge’s collidge.

  2. As i see it, the issue reduces to authority. The Liberal or Conservative axis is quickly becoming an issue of authority, whether authority stems from God or from humans. If the ultimate authority is human, then they can make rules based upon their sentiments, not any greater cause.

    1. They believe they have no one to answer to and that they are the final word on any subject they choose to address. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  3. California has always been terrible. In the 1930s when the eugenics movement had taken root, many states had eugenics programs, but California was the worst. Up until 1963 they forcibly sterilized 20,000 men, women, and children. So effective was their program that members of the Nazi party actually asked California for advice on how to run their own eugenics program, and modeled in on California’s law. If California wants to succeed from the union, I say let them. Were better off without them. (Sorry to those good people who live in California, I know they exist.)

    1. During WW II, much of the pressure to force Japanese Americans to relocate came from within California. My point simply being that dirty politics seem to abound in that state.

  4. Off topic, but question: Does the recent collapse of the Hilary Step on Mount Everest meant that there will now have to be a Climbit Change?


    Ok sorry Lee I just had to get that off my chest.

    1. dont yiu knough That makin “fun of Climbit Change it is hat speach??? Yiu mussed by a Racist and aslo a Biggit!!

    2. Ok butt its not my fawlt i’m ingnurent. Our skool Liberry burned all the boks ridden by white Christian men, so i only lernd what was in the five bookes left. One was aboot fly fishing though so it wuzzent a dead loss.

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