I seen ‘Julio’s Seezure”!!

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I went and seen a play Last nihght it “was” Julio’s Seezure wrote by some “guy” his Name its Shakaspeer, it was”at” the Stodent Centaur And it was “put on” by our Collidge’s own Socile Jutstus Players but thare Wasnt noboddy named Julio in it “and” noboddy thay had no seezure! Insted it was al theese guys thay Was waring towls and Bed Sheats and thay caled them selfs Romins, i has no Idear waht “that” was al abote!

Besides, it Was al abote Donold Trumpt!!! Frist thay coldnt find noboddy who wantedd “to” play him but finely Some boddy he sayed he wuld “do it”, The showe must go on!!

Wel i was geting pretty Board and then abote haffway “threw” the Play soddenly evry Boddy thay al stabed Donold Trumpt to deth!!! WOW! Blood all over The plaice!! and then it was OOPS! becose thay reely stabed him “and” he was reely ded, dead, deadd!! and evry Boddy thay al kinda freeked out!!

So the cops thay came and aksed A Lot of qeustoins and finely thay taked Away “the” boddy it sure was “a” Mess! and A Lot of us we was warried and We al preyed to Pressadint Obamma to make nobody get in trubble we awlyas preys to him becose us Interllecturals at Collidge we “know thare”” isnt no God!!

Abnd this “moarning” goood neuws!! The Prosticuter he “is” a Dembocrat and he sayed “it was” jist a axiddint or may be Suecide but it sure wasnt No murrder so thare wont be no Boddy gets errested!!

And my Prefesser he sayed it dont Matter becose Donold Trumpt he “is so” Bad, even if yiu jist preetend to be him yiu jist as bad as him is and It “surves” yiu rihght to get stabed and kilt!!!

But i mussed Con-fest I sort of losed My appertight wen i seen al That bloood on them nice sheats and towls!

Waht a grate Play thiouhgh!!!

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  1. There are some line one should never cross. Taking pleasure in the death of an adversary is cheap satisfaction, at best. Over the last week, several people of the Left have commented that they were all that happy that representative Scalise survived.

    Shortly after WW II, Groucho Marx visited Germany and, as part of his tour, was shown a site thought to be Hitler’s grave. As a bit of publicity, he danced on the site but afterward said that it wasn’t all that satisfying in comparison with the loss of millions of Jewish lives. This illustrates a very important point, at least it does in my opinion.

    When politicians win or lose due to elections, this, at the very least, represents the will of the voters. When a politician is assassinated, the will of the voters is violated.

    Years ago, I visited Dealey Plaza, where Mr. Kennedy was killed. It was a somber moment for me, imbued with a sense of history and significance. While I would have disagreements with Mr. Kennedy on some issues, that day I felt nothing but respect and appreciation of the good qualities he possessed. Seeing the very spot where the fatal shot struck him (which was marked with a X on the pavement) sickened me. There is a law that is much higher than any political school of thought and it was that law which was violated on 11/22/63, and that violation is what sickened me.

    I fear that many people have completely lost touch with the fact that there is a law that is much higher than any political school of thought. That is a very bad state of affairs.

    1. I wrote this because liberals are playing with fire and the public needs to see how stupid and how morally bankrupt they are. They must never, never, never again be allowed to control the government. They are perfectly capable of turning this country into a failed state ruled by sadists.

  2. This was despicable – as much as what Kathy Griffin did. I was home from school the day JFK was assassinated and watched TV in horror as they televised the entire thing. It seems that something far worse than politics is involved here – it seems demonic to me. So does the rancor and bizarre behavior coming from the left.

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