Robbie’s Medicine (plus Naughty Cats Video)

Robbie’s medicine arrived today. It’s an ear gel, for knocking out her overactive thyroid. It shouldn’t be too bad an experience for her–a lot better than getting asthma medicine squirted up her nose every day for years. The instructions did come with an admonition to the applier (me) to wear latex gloves. It’s nice they mentioned it. If I were to do it bare-handed, it might knock out my own thyroid. That’s all I need. She’ll get her first dose tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice video of some rather naughty cats, indicative of high intelligence and low morals.

Oh, and I’ve got my email back. Not in the format I’m used to, but at least it’s back.


2 comments on “Robbie’s Medicine (plus Naughty Cats Video)

  1. If you are looking for moral rectitude, cats are probably going to disappoint you. They are opportunists, and even my cat, perhaps the sweetest cat alive today, will still sneak a taste of any unattended food.

    Best wishes on Robbie’s meds.

  2. The freezer thief was my favorite, not only getting the freezer open, but deliberately selecting the package she wanted. If you can’t find something in your freezer, send your cat 🙂

    Hopefully the medicine will help Robbie and there won’t be much drama involved – especially since you would be the recipient of such drama, Lee.

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