A Big, Big Bug

While I hunt around for a suitable cat video for you, met the weta. Imagine a great big cricket as big as a hamster, with pinch-beetle jaws, and you’ve got the weta from New Zealand. Hot dog!

3 comments on “A Big, Big Bug

  1. What an interesting little critter. I must admit, though, I wouldn’t want it crawling on me – it’s not that I mind ‘crawlers’ so much, but it looks like it holds on by sticking, which seems like it would be creepy.

  2. There is a Weta Workshop, based in New Zealand that did all the props, miniatures, etc. for the Lord of the Rings movies. I’ve heard about them, but never knew that the word ‘weta’ had any significance.

    It’s a weird bug; looks like an alien.

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