Do You See Violence Here?

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Evergreen State College (Washington) just can’t seem to stay out of the news.

A couple of weeks ago it was “no whites allowed on campus” day, with a professor put in fear of his life when he showed up to teach his classes. This prompted the state legislature to introduce a bill to defund Evergreen.

Looks like that’ll be needed sooner rather than later.

According to latest reports, students–Social Justice majors?–at Evergreen are prowling around the campus with baseball bats, looking for victims ( Now that’s higher education!

Please, America! No more funds for universities.

6 comments on “Do You See Violence Here?

  1. And so-called Antifa are the actual fascists. Once you demonize a segment of the population, then suddenly anything can be rationalized and justified, from violence, to murder, to genocide.

    1. That should say “The” not “And”. I really wish we could edit these things.

    1. Ironically, although these thugs are acting the way all totalitarian enforcers do, they’re dressing like Mussolini’s blackshirts, not like Hitler’s brownshirts. It might even be helpful to start calling them “blackshirts” to point up the similarity, and to remind people that it was Mussolini who coined the term “fascist.”

  2. Good heavens. Seriously, where are the Black Panthers when you really need them? America is headed straight for a true Stalinist state and nobody seems to be noticing. Thank God for your website and those like it, Lee.

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