Now I’m Stranded

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Not to bore you all with my computer woes–I can’t even accurately explain what has gone wrong–but it’s always possible that someone might read this and offer a solution.

Basically, all my documents that I have to send to editors–my book chapters, columns, articles I’ve edited–are marooned in Microsoft Word and can’t be sent out. In trying to solve the email problem we had last week, my wife un-installed Windows Live Mail, with a view to re-installing it. Well, it didn’t re-install and now all my stuff is just plain stuck there.

She wrestled with it for hours today, to no avail. I’m no help because I got no sleep last night, I feel like death warmed over, and I don’t understand any of this stuff anyway.

So for now we’re just dead in the water, as far as submitting chapters and articles goes. Maybe tomorrow Patty will have some idea what to do. She’s really very good at computer trouble-shooting, but this one has stumped her so far.


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  1. Can you print the things out and fax them or FedEx Overnight them? Download them to a thumb drive and then upload and send them from a local library or other facility that has free computers?

  2. OK. this clarifies matters quite a bit.

    I don’t know much about your email account from Verizon, but I’d bet my boots that there’s a webmail interface you can use. Also, if you have Word on your computer you almost certainly have Outlook, which is an email client and probably has more features than Windows Live Mail. Which version of Word do you have, Word 2003, Word 2010, Word 2013, word 2016? If you put you email account in Outlook, it should integrate with Word, seamlessly and you’ll be able to send without much, if any, hassle.

    1. P.S. our Outlook no longer exists. Patty thinks she has found a way which we will try tomorrow. I want to go back to bed.

    2. I know it’s very frustrating, but it can be addressed, one step at a time. If it’s possible to restore Outlook to your computer, that is a much better email client. If not, you can setup your account again in Windows Live Mail and proceed from that point.

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t even know what Windows Live is. I just use an email program in my regular browser – there are plenty of free ones out there, like gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, outlook – Maybe your documents would attach if you just used a new email provider? You’ve probably thought of that already. I’m sorry I’m of no help, Lee. I’ll pray that someone out there is – and that your allergies improve.

    1. Windows I’ve Mail is the default email client service on newer versions of Windows. I’ve set it up and found it to be a bit confusing in comparison to Outlook or some of the other email clients out there. Microsoft gives a lot of free stuff away in Windows, but it tends to be one-size-fits-all.

    2. Thanks, Unknowable 🙂 I have Windows 8.1 and still have no idea if I have that program or even if my computer uses it without me knowing. It’s not easy being computer illiterate lol

    3. This would be a good work around solution, create a free gmail account and send it that way. Long term, If you can’t get Windows Live to work then consider switching to a different client, such as Outlook.

    4. The problem isn’t with the email account, it’s with the client program on Lee’s computer. Changing email addresses can cause a lot of confusion in the long run.

    5. Best to get a different email client then. There are plenty out there, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Mailbird, etc…

  4. You can manually email your files using your gmail address.

    Go into gmail and start a new email. Near the bottom you’ll see the Send button. To the right of that are several other buttons, including one that looks like a paper clip. Click that and it will allow you to access the files on your computer. Find the ones that you need to send (probably in the ‘documents’ folder), click on them, and they will be attached to your email.
    Then, send the email and voila 🙂

    Hope that works!

    1. Do I have a gmail address? I don’t know what that is, so I don’t know if I have one. Must find out–if I do, then maybe I’ll be back in business and owe you one very large Thank You!

    2. Your email address would suggest to me that you do not have GMail, but any webmail system should have the ability to attach a file.

    3. Unknowable, I have a question. If all else fails, could Lee ‘copy and paste’ the documents into the body of an email and send them off that way, rather than trying to attach a file?

    4. Nuts. I knew that was just too simple 🙂 Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind should I ever run into this problem or attempt it for some other reason.

    5. Computers can sense simplicity and will attack mercilessly if anyone dares to try to do anything in a simple manner. 🙂

  5. Go can to & click on your service – eg Verizon, etc – and it will give you info on outages which you may not even know you have because Verizon and some others don’t tell you. I read that NJ is having problems with internet, phones, pictures, and documents.

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