Our Email’s Fixed… Again

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I am on record as saying my wife is the smartest person I have ever met. Further proof: this morning she announced that she has solved our email problem. I will now be able to submit book chapters, columns, and articles to my editors.

It means a change in a procedure that I’ve followed literally thousands of times and could probably still do even with my brain removed. I hate changes. Computers are always imposing changes on me. “Today your car will only go backwards. But tomorrow it will only go round and round in circles.” That kind of thing.

Thanks to you all for your suggestions. I don’t know what Patty did to fix this problem, I probably wouldn’t understand it anyhow. In another few hours I will call my Newswithviews editor in Oregon and see if he received my column. If he says yes, I’ll know I’m back in business.

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  1. Hurray! Praise God! – for answering prayers, and for giving you such a wonderful wife 🙂

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