An Unusual Love Object

Have you ever loved a coconut? I mean really, really loved? On second thought, don’t answer that. I’m afraid there’s someone out there who might say yes. And then start a “pride” movement around it.

Well, here is a cat who loves his coconut. What’ll happen if you run out and buy your cat a coconut? Only one way to find out.

11 comments on “An Unusual Love Object

  1. I sure wish I’d thought of this when I lived in South Florida, since I had a coconut palm in my backyard, along with a couple of banana trees 🙂 I grew pineapples too, from the tops that I cut off fresh store-bought pineapples. My neighbors had mango trees and avocado trees. What a great place to live!

    1. Patty tried and tried to grow a mango plant, but it just wasn’t going to happen in New Jersey.
      I’d appreciate the reptile life in South Florida, but the heat would just kill me.

    2. The reptiles are plentiful and wondrous there – and so is the plant life. Temperatures are great for me (Florida-born) as anything below 75 degrees is too chilly for me. Our granddaughter, who’s nearly 3 years old now, comments that I always have a jacket on 🙂

    3. Looking at snow, especially falling snow, from the inside of a window is beautiful, but my poor old sickly body can’t take the cold in any form anymore. I’ve always been a heat seeker, but these days even more so. If I had my druthers, I’d much prefer to be back there.

    4. Unfortunately, Lupus, Raynaud’s and Neuropathy don’t do well in cold weather – even if it’s not snowing 🙁

    5. That would make it difficult.

      Overall, I prefer a moderate climate. The Front Range of Colorado is my favorite place, but the cost of living is off scale.

    6. Linda, I had no idea! You come across here as happy, healthy, and spiritually sane. Your preference for hot weather is, well, perfectly understandable.

    7. Thank you, Lee. I am generally a happy and spiritually sane person. Physically, that’s another matter, but God takes care of me. I’ve often said that God keeps me here in spite of myself for some reason 🙂 Many are worse off in many ways, so I’m thankful.

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