Silliest Job in the World: Kampus Kop

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So now the campus police at the University of Maryland are investigating “a discarded piece of plastic wrap” as “a possible hate-bias incident” ( Some snowflake saw it lying on the ground and decided it was a noose, indicative of some soon-to-be-enacted lynching.

At first police said, “It’s just trash,” but that wasn’t good enough for “students.” So now the kampus kops have to pore over hours of closed-circuit spy camera footage to see if they can find some culprit purposely dropping the little bit of plastic there to terrorize people who really want to be terrorized.

Because of the “incident,” some of the students are demanding stricter “hate speech” rules.

Is anybody getting the idea, yet, that America’s bloated, over-funded, overcrowded “higher education” system is not performing any useful function–and needs to be cut way back?

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  1. I fear for the next several generations should The Lord tarry.

    Abolish the existing ‘education’ system. It’s useless!

    1. The whole thing is beyond ridiculous. There’s an entire generation taught to embrace victimhood. Instead of picking up some trash and placing it in a receptacle, they’d prefer to turn it into a hate crime. If they ever decide to test their newfound self defense skills by picking a fight they will probably end up looking like fools. Come to think of it, they already do. 🙂

    2. There are two things indispensable to learning any fighting skills, martial arts or otherwise, that will actually do you any good: a teacher who knows what he’s doing, and lots and lots of hard work and practice. I wouldn’t expect to find either of these elements among a lot of Joe Collidge wannabes.

    3. Plus they are so anxious to avoid that “male heteronormative gym culture.”
      If these are America’s future, kiss the place goodbye.

    4. No kidding. This upcoming generation is on its way to the skids in a big hurry.

      Some years ago, I was at a company in a town known for being a liberal stronghold. I had to spend some time in the warehouse area and couldn’t help but hear the chatter among the workers, all of whom appeared to be in their early twenties and all of whom spoke in continuous liberal cliches.

      It should seem that their every notion was weighed against a standard of political correctness. From their point of vie it must have seemed quite open minded and enlightened, but I cam away with the impression that these were people with no center, no core, no convictions, just an unending desire to avoid criticism. Sadly, the notion of personal responsibility is beyond their comprehension.

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