Why You Can’t Use Your Suitcase

Why can’t I use my suitcase? Because the cat’s usin’ it! Isn’t it amazing, what us humans put up with? But how many times have you caught yourself saying “Excuse me” to your cat? Come on, be honest…

3 comments on “Why You Can’t Use Your Suitcase

  1. Lol! I’ve said excuse me to my cats many many times. And I’ve had a hard time packing too. Cats capture suitcases, whether there are clothes in them or not 🙂

  2. Guilty as charged, I’ve said excuse me to a cat, probably many times. They certainly have a sense of self, a sense of dignity and a sense of ownership.

    They love to hide inside something, then jump out and surprise their human. Anyone that has both guitars and cats will tell you that leaving an empty guitar case open will soon result in a cat-filled guitar case. They can’t resist and enclosed space. 🙂

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