The Attack of the Hungry Kittens

I’m not sure why this video gave me as many chuckles as it did, but maybe it’ll do the same for you. Note the very careful footwork that the human being has been forced to learn. It’s the cat owners’ shuffle. And note that there are, in reality, only four kittens involved–not sixteen, as I first thought. Our own two kittens used to do a fantastic job of imitating eight or ten kittens.

3 comments on “The Attack of the Hungry Kittens

  1. Don’t you just love those teeny little mews? 🙂 More than once, I’ve been in the position of the human in this video. Shuffling is a necessity of life with kittens!

  2. Hilarious! And adorable. But are you reaaallly sure there are only four of them? UnKnowable is right in saying there’s enough noise for 16.

    I love the way they have to be lured away from their placemat so the food dishes can be put in place. And the way they butt each other out of the way to get the food and then let themselves be butted out of the way while they’re chewing but then come back again. The little one swarming up the feeding human’s body is precious. (Might not feel that way as the needle-sharp little claws dig in, though.)

    And yes, Linda, the fancy footwork is familiar. I still do it on occasion with my one grown cat who turned 13 yesterday, but a swarm of high-energy little ones must take special ballet training. Kittens are some of the most wonderful of God’s creations.

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