A Ticklish Meerkat

Patty found this video today, and I thought you might enjoy it: a meerkat getting tickled and loving it.

More of God’s stuff, the stuff of life.

I find it comforting. I’ve just been chatting with two friends who have recently lost loved ones and are grieving. We know the feeling; all of us, we know. And God knows, too. His Son was murdered on the cross, on our behalf. So God knows what grief feels like.

That’s why He included so much joy in His creation. He knows we need it.

2 comments on “A Ticklish Meerkat

  1. This is just so cute! 🙂 Who would’ve thought Meerkats laugh! God has built so many surprises for us within His creation, from turtles who sing opera to geckos that sing chirpy songs, to Meerkats that laugh. How blessed we are to behold it all!

  2. Most creatures have some sort of voice and seem to use them expressively. It’s amazing to think that our Creator took time to do this, but He is love.

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