Almost Better

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Tech Pod (her new nickname) has almost solved all our email problems. I still can’t mail out my Newswithviews column to my friends, because we have lost our Outlook Express and can’t replace it because it no longer exists. Everything else, though, is working.

Meanwhile, after a week of medication, our cat, Robbie, shows signs of being less hyperthyroid than she was. She’s calmed down a bit, and is no longer ravenously hungry all the time. She needs to put some weight back on, though. Thank you all for your prayers: please keep ’em coming.

It’s already 3:00 and I haven’t gotten back to my book yet, so that may have to wait for tomorrow. But that’s the 4th of July! So it may have to wait for Wednesday.

If you all keep on viewing, I’ll try my level best to keep on blogging. Even on the 4th of July.

6 comments on “Almost Better

  1. If we all keep on viewing??? Try and stop us! 🙂 🙂

    I’m so glad Robbie is doing better. I’ll keep praying.

    1. I’ll second that, Phoebe 🙂

      Our days wouldn’t be complete without your blog, Lee, and the hymns you post each day give them a great start, too.

  2. I love how Microsoft comes up with all sorts of goodies, such as Outlook Express, then yanks them back out of reach about the time we become dependent upon them.

    Glad to hear about Robbie getting better. IIRC, that was how it went with my cat. About one week and the worst of it was over. She seems to have filled out a bit since starting the medications, too.

    1. We went through the same thing here. My little cat was skin and bones. It’s been six months or so, by now, and she’s back to her matronly figure. 🙂

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