How Cats Play Billiards

I don’t know how much a pool table costs these days. My father bought a wooden one, which soon warped and made a rational game of pool impossible. If you’re going to buy a really good table, your house probably ought to have a billiard room, like in a game of Clue.

Or… you can buy a pool table as a really expensive cat toy! Hours of fun watching them dive into one pocket and come out of another. You and your friends can probably bet on it. But don’t ask me what happens if you let the balls loose.

4 comments on “How Cats Play Billiards

  1. Hilarious! How many cats are there in the table, anyway? Three? Four?More? An ever-changing multitude popping in and out of the fifth dimension?

  2. These cuties have found a much better use for this pool table. But I wonder how long the felt will survive. Cats can find fun in nearly anything, which is one of their many charms 🙂

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