‘Jurassic World’: a Comment

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I watch Jurassic Park movies because I love to see dinosaurs. I also appreciate them as a form of escape: cooling my brain down for a bit.

So we watched Jurassic World today, and grooved on the special effects. Even if their Mosasaur is as big as the Chrysler Building, it’s still way cool.

But the thing is, these movies have something important to say. And that is… At some level, we modern people know we’re whistling Dixie, playing with dynamite, and totally full of self-delusion, thinking we’re in control, we’ve got it covered–and then the dinosaurs get loose. These movies, and others like them, would not be made if we did not know that.

And yet we act as if we know nothing at all. We keep on playing with fire. Ooh-ooh, genetic modification! Ooh-ooh, brain implants! And so on–no end to the folly. Professing ourselves to be wise, we become fools (Romans 1).

We do keep God busy, don’t we? Busy diverting us from self-annihilation.

3 comments on “‘Jurassic World’: a Comment

  1. Hi Mr. Nature. Today I found the cutest little critters! If they were around in the Jurassic era, they could easily have been overlooked, but they’re really neat!

  2. Amazingly, most people never do learn. Chrichton wrote several books which dealt with the self-deception of human society. He did not believe in global warming and saw science as a religion. His book, Airframe, is the only work of fiction dealing with aviation which gets it right.

    I love the little Leaf Insects.

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