More Naughty Cats

Oh, what we humans–and dogs, and inanimate objects, too–suffer at the hands of cats! Actually, it’s probably a good thing they don’t have hands. Can you imagine cats with opposable thumbs? They’d be after our car keys!

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  1. There always seems to be a ‘toilet paper’ cat lol, and the one tormenting the Chihuahua is hilarious. I hope the person with the DVD has another copy ’cause that one probably won’t work well anymore. And oh my goodness! – the acrobat cat retrieving the mouse from the ceiling – I held my breath! Cats sure know how to have fun – and to aggravate their dogs 🙂

    Lee, I saw this video today and while I’m certainly not gifted in translating the technical information, since it’s about dinosaurs and creation vs. evolution, I thought you may be interested. Others may be as well. It’s about 30 minutes.

    1. That’s quite a video, Linda. What I find most telling is how the scientists defending evolution won’t let the host of that radio show get a word in edgewise. I wonder why they are so emotional.

    2. My reaction was the same. A bit defensive, wouldn’t you say? 🙂 As my dad would’ve said: “Methinks he doth protesteth too much.” While I don’t understand the technical side, I do understand it from our Christian biblical view, and thought it was very interesting. Knowledge increasing, for sure!

    3. The methods used to calculate time scales involve a great deal of supposition. I’ve read both sides of the argument and the atheistic explanation requires a lot more faith than simply acknowledging that there’s a Creator.

      The theories of planetary evolution seem plausible at first glance, dust collects into ever larger clusters which eventually grow into rocky bodies, but the process doesn’t seem to work so well in the real world. Dust does collect into clusters, but at a relatively small size these clusters bang into one another and break into smaller pieces instead of growing ever larger.

    4. If dust bunnies would congregate into one big dust bunny in the corner, it would be easier to clean them up 🙂

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