Viet Nam Blogger Jailed for ‘Defaming Government’

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A Vietnamese blogger known as “Mother Mushroom” has been sentenced to ten years in prison for “defaming” the government (–year-prison-term-for-defaming-vietnam-govt/article_aadfb97f-f1cc-5941-9b58-a34f08a0fe56.html). This happened last week while we weren’t looking. The, er, trial only took a day.

What exactly is “defaming the government”? Well, it’s sorta like Climbit Change Denial, or using the wrong pronoun, or failing to check your White Privlidge. Nobody can quite say what it is, but they all know it’s a Very Bad Thing. I think it might have something to do with failing to acknowledge the wisdom and righteousness of the government in all things.

Don’t look now, folks–but this is where we’ll be if we ever again allow a Democrat to take the White House.

2 comments on “Viet Nam Blogger Jailed for ‘Defaming Government’

  1. Sooo… you’re equating a trial in Vietnam, against a citizen of Vietnam, to possible similar consequences here in the U.S. should a democrat take the White House… and you reached this conclusion how?

    1. Oh, just little things… like the Democrat Party platform, last year, including a bit about authorizing the Attorney General to “investigate” Climate Change Denial.

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