Can I Have a ‘Reset’ on This Day?

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At least I don’t see this when I look out my window…

This is shaping up to be a rather bad day.

My wife has been bitten up and down all over by we-don’t-know-what. I haven’t, which makes it all the more mysterious.

It’s raining torrents.

Aunt Joan’s finances have again suddenly turned into Hellzapoppin, necessitating, this morning, a special trip to the nursing home for me, to deliver more paperwork. This is truly the monster that will not die. Every time we think the job is finished, they come up with more demands for more information, more swishing the money around–there’s hardly any left of it!–from one bank to another.

And on the way back, it was raining so hard, half the roads were blocked and I had to find a tricky route home.

We haven’t even been to the store yet for our weekend groceries.

Oh! And I got some hate mail this morning, too! You’d think hating me would be a waste of anybody’s time, but apparently this jidrool has time to burn. He hates God, too. He uses exceedingly intemperate language, and asserts that sodomy is some kind of proof of righteousness. He’s also an atheist, which means he expends tremendous energy hating someone whom he swears does not exist.

Please don’t anybody expect too much out of me today.

12 comments on “Can I Have a ‘Reset’ on This Day?

  1. Sounds as though looking out your window at some fighting dinosaurs would be an improvement. Seriously, though, I’m praying for you and all your family — and even for your weather.

    Actually, I was going to say “I’m praying up a storm,” but that would have been an infelicitous metaphor, considering the weather you’re having.

  2. Hang in, Lee. These are times of trial. 2 Thess 1:4 “therefore, we ourselves speak proudly of you among the churches of God for your perseverance and faith in the midst of all your persecutions and afflictions which you endure. 5 This is a plain indication of God’s righteous judgment so that you will be considered worthy of the kingdom of God, for which indeed you are suffering.”

  3. Just when I thought nothing could be worse than MY day – lol. “They will hate you because they hated Me first.”

  4. greetings, Lee. I’m sorry to hear your day is not going well. Mine is different, but certainly not better. It is sweltering hot here, I feel like death warmed over, no energy even for the simple things, the fire investigators
    are still working on their inventory of damage, so my son is wondering how all that will turn out, and otherwise, life is just peachy.

    1. I have to admit the hate mail kind of shook me up: not used to it. That anyone would bother to have such savage and barbarous hatred of me–a nobody!–is really quite disturbing. I mean, this wicked person would truly like to see me dead.
      Everyone I know like that is a liberal. This one is an atheist and a homosexual, hating both God and His creation.

    2. It would seem that a vast swath of the population deals only in rancor, hatred, threats and childish name calling. Dealing with such is pretty upsetting, especially when you are the direct target.

      The news is filled with many examples of the same sort of thing, stretching to the halls of power.

      Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus.

    3. Receiving hate mail must be unnerving to say the least. But take heart, Lee. It sounds to me like you’re actually just the surrogate. This person sounds as though he really hates God and since you and your work praise God, well . . you’re it! But don’t worry, I’m confident that God has taken notes.

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