Poland Recognizes Jesus Christ as King

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This news, last year, was kept from us. I only happened upon it yesterday because President Trump has visited Poland, and it was mentioned in the coverage.

Did you know–I didn’t!–that in 2016, church leaders and high government officials of Poland gathered in Krakow to formally, and in the sight of all, consecrate Our Lord Jesus Christ as King of Poland: to “rule over the Polish nation, its people, and its government” (https://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/europe/item/24875-poland-officially-recognizes-jesus-christ-as-king)?

Oh, Poland, how we envy you! God will surely bless you for this act of public repentance, contrition, and confession: He will bless you among the nations.

If we ever attempted anything like this in America, the devil’s legions would be out in force, and Democrat politicians would lead them.

Let’s do it anyway!

We can’t speak for the nation, but we can speak for ourselves. Jesus Christ is recognized in Poland as the only King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Each of us can recognize him as such: who could stop us?

I declare–in solidarity with the nation who gave birth to the Solidarity movement, and dealt European communism its death blow–that in my heart and in my mind, for I can only speak for myself, Jesus Christ the Son of God is indeed the only King of Kings and Lord of Lords, whose right it is to rule all nations: and I pray for the day when that will come to pass. In Jesus’ name, amen!

And may that day come when we in America are able to do as Poland has done.

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  1. I happened upon this same bit of information myself while reading about Trump. This surprised me, to say the least, but in a good way.

    I have noticed that Poland is standing up to the EU of late and I certainly admire this. I certainly think that acknowledging Christ as King is very important, to have held a ceremony enshrining this before the entire nation is nearly unprecedented. Ancient Israel was dedicated to YHWH and blessed on account of that, but they did not take note of the messiah as a nation and were broken apart by the Romans 40 years later.

    The Pilgrims of the Plymouth colony were quite devout, but the Mayflower Compact ascribed sovereignty to King James, so even they, it would seem, did not go as far as the Polish did with this declaration.

    Years ago, I read a book about the musicians that worked with Elvis Presley in his earlier days. One interesting little factoid was that he hated being called The King (of Rock & Roll) because to Elvis, there was only one true king. Now I have some reservations about Elvis’ morals, but I truly admire that he knew the score. From this example, I took a lesson, because we should never forget the arrangement enplaced by God giving rulership to His Son, Christ the King.

    1. When he was relaxing, such as downtime during rehearsals, he would go to the piano and sing hymns. He obviously had an appreciation for spiritual matters. His ability as a singer and performer was incredibly great, but even he understood that he was a mere human.

  2. Amen, amen, Lee! We must never stop praying for the conversion of America. As for me, I re-consecrate my heart to Jesus every morning. He is my King, my Lord, and my Love.

    1. I could almost shed tears when I think about what Poland has done! They will never lose the honor of having done it first.
      Gotta start somewhere…

  3. Such an awesome thing Poland has done! Praise God! May the rest of the nations follow.

  4. Yes, this is amazing and a great blessing. Now, where are the old “Polish jokes” now?! They have just proven themselves the wisest among all the nations of the earth. Glory to the Lord and blessings on His true children.

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