Sunday School Favorite: ‘Yield Not to Temptation’

From 1868, by Horatio Palmer, comes this classic hymn, Yield Not to Temptation–sung by the Johnson children, Jeffreay, Kayla, Ryan, and Jennifer.

If you never catch yourself humming or whistling this hymn, you never went to Sunday school.

2 comments on “Sunday School Favorite: ‘Yield Not to Temptation’

  1. Can’t say I ever heard this one, although I did go to Sunday School and to every service at the church. But I have been humming and singing “I Surrender All” all day.

    1. I guess I spoke out of turn. I was walking down the sidewalk once, whistling this, and somebody joined in. He turned out to be with The Plymouth Brethren (I hadn’t known we had any of them around here), and we had lots of classic hymns in common. But our hymnals were never labeled “Dutch Reformed Church Hymnal.”

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