Winding Up Your Cat


I have been criticized in some quarters for providing a daily cat (or dog or hamster) video. It is not in keeping with the gravity of imminent Climbit Change. It is a microaggression. It wastes time that could be better spent on Social Justice.

Meanwhile, here’s how to wind up your cat… with a wind-up toy.

And as for Social Justice,

6 comments on “Winding Up Your Cat

  1. You really wasted an opportunity here, Lee. You could have used the precious carbon resources of that post to address social justice for some obscure cause, or another. 🙂

    Cats are such funny little critters. They are gentle, somewhat emotional, yet they have strong predatory instincts when it comes to truly small prey. And then someone puts a windup toy in from of them and they have no idea what to do. The retiring domestic pet only wants peace and quiet, but the little predator within can’t resist.

    1. In my experience with cats, the retiring domestic cat who only wants peace and quiet is a retiring domestic cat whose ‘parent’ gives them Fancy Feast and all manner of kitty treats, thereby subduing the predatory instinct. Have you ever noticed when you bring home a new kitty toy, their attention is fixed upon it only briefly? Usually, once they knock it over or bat it down, they completely lose interest. My theory on this phenomenon is human intervention by means of spoiling 🙂 – and I’m as guilty as anyone lol

    2. Our cat Buster never, never lost his taste for really big spiders. We’d have stopped him, but he was always too fast for us–faster than a chameleon. When he saw a bug of any kind, he just had to hunt it. I’ve never known a cat who can resist it.

    3. One of my dogs, an Australian Shepherd/Wolf mix, used to catch flies in midair by snapping her jaws. She was so fast that she never missed. You could actually hear her jaws snapping together. And I never worried about flies in my house 🙂 Yet she was wonderful with my cats. She’s the one who rescued a tiny kitten by carrying it gently to me in those same jaws that snapped so fast and strong at flies.

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