University of Missouri: Party’s Over

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Remember those lovely riots two summers ago, in Ferguson, Missouri, and, shortly afterward, the violent “protests” at the University of Missouri campus? Professors getting busted for inciting violence, all sorts of largely imaginary “racial incidents”? Remember how it was suddenly open season on white students?

Well surprise, surprise! Freshman enrollment at UMo is down 35% since then; and, what’s more, university honchos admit that the “protests” and the anti-white environment are the cause of it (

Really, if you’re white and you want to enroll at one of those “down with Whitey!” universities, you either haven’t been paying any attention at all, or you need your head examined. Or maybe you just really like groveling and being abused.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we have too many people being mis-educated in our colleges, and way too many nudnicks being paid good money for mis-educating them. Years down the road, what are we supposed to do with thousands of angry, ignorant, pampered, incompetent young people with “degrees” in Social Justice or Gender Studies?

Our university system, as presently–shall I say “waged,” as in “waging war”?–is a threat to our prosperity, our national stability, and our whole way of life. It needs to be cut back with a scythe.

It’s good news that a lot of students are choosing not to go to UMo.

It would be better news if 90% of our high school graduates chose not to go to any university.

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  1. One thing I find particularly telling about the Left, is the fact that many of them can’t even conceive of someone not agreeing with their positions. I don’t care to whom the violent protests were aimed, I wouldn’t want to place myself at risk by obligating myself to be someplace where there is civil unrest. Remember the professor at Evergreen State who had to beat a hasty retreat recently?

  2. This nonsense boggles my mind. I grew up to age 16 in Missouri, and the people I remember were nothing at all like these bozo’s. In fact, I am convinced that people who act like this would have been run out of the state in short order. Another place that has welcomed too many Californians? Something poison been put in the water? What the heck!

  3. I have a pretty good idea. And that same thing was the general mindset
    there in my time there.

    1. What are we supposed to do, years down the road, with tens of thousands of these incompetent, angry, misinformed, ignorant, wooden-headed collidge grads?

    2. I have a feeling we are already finding out. Yesterday, I was apprised of a job opportunity working for a national telephone carrier. Friends that already work there warned me that it would probably be a living nightmare, because chances are quite likely that I’d be reporting to a Millennial and treated like cattle, if that well.

      We see it everywhere. Many businesses are no longer run by competent, honorable people but, instead, are operated by people whose education gave them no moral grounding. The future has arrived, and it isn’t pretty.

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