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I heard a truly disgusting ad on the radio today for yet another “male enhancement product.” Only this one was for “instant male enhancement,” as opposed to those others that take so long. And, we are told, it will really please your “pratner.” Sorry: supposed to be “partner.” Any sex, any species, doesn’t matter which.

What I want to call this, I can’t call it on a Christian blog. Feel free to use your imaginations.

The clincher: you are to consume this product “proudly.” Yes, taking a pill to get a [censored] is going to make you “proud.” Your pratner will be proud of you, too.

Does anyone even know what that word means anymore–“proud”? I mean, people are “proud” now of things they ought to be mortally ashamed of. I dread to conjecture what they would think “shame” is. Maybe they don’t know the word. Or maybe they apply it to things a normal decent person would be proud of… or just take for granted. Maybe you’re supposed to be ashamed if you don’t have a pratner and don’t take a [censored] pill to please… whatever.

I’m ashamed of what has become of my country in this age.

Come  back soon, Lord Jesus. Come back soon! And give us the strength to hang on until you do.

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9 responses to “More Culture Rot

  • Phoebe

    I never had a pratner, but I’ve taken a couple of pratfalls in the past. 🙂

    Modrens [sic] do acknowledge certain kinds of shame — mostly for not being in fashion, i.e., “fat shaming” or “body shaming.” Outside of fashion, though, well, I guess the idea is that there’s nothing to be ashamed of but shame itself.

    Myself, I refuse to refer to the annual pornography festivities as “Pride Week” or the “Pride Parade.” I usually refer to the parade as the “Pervert Parade.” Eventually, I’ll probably be fined and/or imprisoned for this hat speach.

    I used to say that we need a “pride” parade for people who are proud of their chastity — but then I realized that we shouldn’t be proud of that, either, but humbled and grateful that God’s grace has enabled us to stay chaste.

    And any woman who sees her “pratner” having to take a pill before approaching her but doesn’t throw him out on his ear truly ought to be ashamed of herself.


  • UnKnowable

    The presence of such products has always puzzled me. Are there that many men out there so insecure that they need “enhancement”? If it came from a pill bottle, what is there to be proud of?

    Frankly, the whole notion of sex being some sort of Olympic event that you must treat as a conquering hero puzzles me as well. Whatever happened to love as a motivator? A healthy person in their prime should be good enough, why do people think that they have to be some sort of hormone-pumped porn actor?

    Actually, I think I just answered my own question: porn is at the root of this. When a person watches a movie, any kind of movie, they are watching an illusion, seeing only what the camera sees. If we mistake something in a movie for reality, we will come away with misleading information. People whom view porn, especially when they are exposed at an early age, can come away with an unrealistic view of matters and false expectations which can never be met. Such persons are a built-in customer base for products which promise male enhancement, etc.


  • Watchman

    Its those loud and proud sins that gets God’s attention.


  • Linda Sorci

    Television ads have become a sewer of pornography. If only we could turn back the clock to the days when wholesome products were what we saw in television ads. This wicked generation gets worse by the day. Everything is oriented to sex in one way or another – except in the way God intended. Also, many of the commercials today don’t even make sense. Sometimes, I have no idea what they’re advertising! And I’m pretty sure I’m better off 🙂


    • UnKnowable

      I’ve had the same experience. I see ads for things I never knew existed, frequently using words which I’ve never before heard.


  • UnKnowable

    1 Cor 6:18 “Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sine a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”

    God hates immorality and it is also bad for us. God is forgiving, but our own bodies may not be so forgiving.

    I read recently that the precautions which became common during the AIDs epidemic are now falling by the wayside and infection rates for all STDs are increasing because of it. Some STD are becoming resistant to treatments that used to work in the past. Human Papilloma Virus can cause cancer and seems to be of particular threat to people with multiple partners.

    God isn’t causing any of this, but His moral laws shield us from many threats, including STDs. He knows more about us, more about infectious diseases and more about how things are supposed to work than any human could ever learn.


    • Phoebe

      There’s an old saying: “God always forgives; man often forgives; but nature never forgives.”

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      • leeduigon

        Another saying along those lines: “In nature the line between tragedy and farce is very finely drawn.” Said by Mr. Mears of the Scott Antarctic Expedition, who was most unhappy with the way it was being conducted.


        • UnKnowable

          I’ve observed that no one ever truly gets away with anything. They may not face immediate consequence, but the long-term always catches up with us. Misdeeds from decades past have a way of resurfacing. God’s principles can never be ignored with impunity. Moral laws and physical laws governing the Universe both work this way.


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