More Culture Rot

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I heard a truly disgusting ad on the radio today for yet another “male enhancement product.” Only this one was for “instant male enhancement,” as opposed to those others that take so long. And, we are told, it will really please your “pratner.” Sorry: supposed to be “partner.” Any sex, any species, doesn’t matter which.

What I want to call this, I can’t call it on a Christian blog. Feel free to use your imaginations.

The clincher: you are to consume this product “proudly.” Yes, taking a pill to get a [censored] is going to make you “proud.” Your pratner will be proud of you, too.

Does anyone even know what that word means anymore–“proud”? I mean, people are “proud” now of things they ought to be mortally ashamed of. I dread to conjecture what they would think “shame” is. Maybe they don’t know the word. Or maybe they apply it to things a normal decent person would be proud of… or just take for granted. Maybe you’re supposed to be ashamed if you don’t have a pratner and don’t take a [censored] pill to please… whatever.

I’m ashamed of what has become of my country in this age.

Come  back soon, Lord Jesus. Come back soon! And give us the strength to hang on until you do.