Another Crass Commercial Message (from Me)

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By now, I think, most of the regular visitors to my blog have already bought my books. But I live in hope that every day brings visitors who’ve never been here before and haven’t heard of my books.

Well, it’s easy to find out all about them. Just click “Books” at the top of the page, and you’ll see covers, descriptions, and sample chapters of all nine in the series–with No. 10, The Silver Trumpet, currently being made ready for publication.

Sorry for the commercial, but I do have to do this now and then.

3 comments on “Another Crass Commercial Message (from Me)

  1. We don’t mind at all, Lee. In fact, some of us are anxiously awaiting ‘The Silver Trumpet’ 🙂

  2. Congrats on finishing #10 in the series. I have not read all the way through, but I’m working in that direction. For any readers of this bog that have not read Lee’s books, let me give my recommendation. It’s quite a journey when you start at book #1 and work forward.

  3. As someone who came late to this series of books — just started this year — I can testify that the books are engrossing, well written, and … addictive.

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