Why They Call It ‘Falling’ Asleep

Do you like watching dogs and cats dream? Funny, isn’t it? I guess their dreams are very real to them, if they try to act them out while sleeping.

Anyhoo, the dog and cat are sound asleep on the sofa… and then the dog has a dream… and see what happens.

3 comments on “Why They Call It ‘Falling’ Asleep

  1. Awwww. Poor puppy. You couldn’t make that happen if you were trying to film the scene for a movie 🙂

  2. That was pretty funny. Does anyone really know what dreams are? My father taught me that dreams were just the thoughts we had while asleep, and I think this is as good as any explanation I could come up with.

    That dog was definitely experiencing something real.

  3. We had a dog once who was more active when sleeping than awake. My husband said, there he goes again, chasing rabbits. Could be.

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