Cat Pursued by… What?

Usually it’s the cat that chases the model train, but here the roles are reversed. Wherever the cat goes, the little train follows. Will the cat figure out how to defeat it? Watch and see.

By the way, I don’t know about you, but I think it would be just way cool to have a model railway going all over the house. We don’t have that kind of space in our apartment, and I’m sure my mother would have never stood for it, back home. But just think of all the adventures you could make up for your toys! Join Farfel the Hippo and Al the Beaver as the train takes them to the Land of the Dinosaurs… And if you had an erector set or Lincoln logs to go with it–!

But that would surely tempt your cats beyond what they could bear.

7 comments on “Cat Pursued by… What?

  1. Model trains are a passion, but I’d need a lot more space before I could even consider it. In the video, I had the impression that the cat was waiting for the train to catch up and the. Jumped up on the chair when it got tired of the game. That house was lovely.

  2. I wish we could see what the train looks like! I once had a set of Lionel trains — but mine ran only in a small circle or (once I got the switch track) a figure eight. I never had a full setup with mountains and cities and all the other things I saw in magazines, but just what I could put on the floor, play with for a couple of hours, and then take apart and put back in the box again. And yet, I did have hours of fun with my trains.

  3. Wow, trains really are a passion for some people. My late husband build several “layouts” with everything imaginable; people, cars, mountains, streams, he had it all. He also built them for other people, including a museum in Kansas. He was totally hooked.

    1. I’ve seen some astounding layouts. When I live in Denver, there was a place called Caboose Hobbies which was quite famous among model railroaders. They had several layouts on display. Beautiful layouts created by highly skilled artists. I’ve always admired the abilities required to do such a thing, but I don’t think I could ever create such lovely scenery.

    1. Joe, nothing could have been easier–I just picked up the video from youtube. You may be able to find the information there.

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