Emergency! Joe Collidge Stricken

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The management regrets to inform the readership that Joe Collidge has been rushed to the emergency room at Dizzy Dean Hospital following an attempt to spell the word “weltanschauung.” The word means “world view.” It is not known why Mr. Collidge did not simply write “world view.”

According to a confidential source, “The top of his head come off and there wasn’t nothing in it.”

A full recovery is expected, according to another source, we forget which one.

3 comments on “Emergency! Joe Collidge Stricken

  1. I was really concerned. I don’t agree with Joe on much of anything, but I always enjoy hearing from him. However, once you said that his head was afflicted, I heaved a giant sigh of relief, because you can’t harm Joe by hitting him in the head. It’s basically a vestigial organ, in his case. 🙂

  2. Oh, dear, I hope they manage to put the top of his head back on before some (gasp) knowledge drifts in by accident.

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