Pup Takes on Ferocious Carrot

Imagine you’re a little white puppy confronted by a fierce, untamed carrot. Would you be up to the challenge? Would you be able to show that carrot who’s boss? As humans, we can always threaten the carrot with boiling or shredding; but a puppy doesn’t have those options. All he can do is–well, you’ll see.

2 comments on “Pup Takes on Ferocious Carrot

  1. Awwww Aren’t they cute 🙂 Dogs like carrots as a rule. When I grew carrots, my dog would jump around in circles till he got his carrot. I couldn’t get them out of the ground fast enough for him!

  2. Kind of reminds me of the way I wrestle things sometimes. My hands and fingers are very weak, have knots on the joints, are sore always, and makes a clutz of me.

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