Help get ridd Of Maskulinty!

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Us Interllecturals hear at Collidge we are alyaws trying “to” Fix Up this no-good Crumby american Socyty and now “we has” got a Plan to do it!!

We heared abote Printstan Collidge thay are “going ” To go get rid Of Agreasive Maskulinty but at our Collidge we “has” a evvin Better Plan, we are going “to” get rid Of All Maskulinty it jist Wont be aloud no more!!!

thats rihght, we going “to” Ban it totelly! No more mussels, No more beerds, no more Drinkin beer, No more mail cloathing! An no more Mail “Pro” nouns!! The deens thay had “a” meating to say Al them things we going to Ban so thare “wont “” be No More Maskulinty hear at all!!! Thay evvin going To “fource” guy stodents to change thare Names, No more Guy Naimes aloud so Iff yore naim it is Darnold four instants yiu got To “change” It to Prissilla or Jenifer or somthing like that! and aslo No more Acting Mail!

This hear Is The Futcher of Man to al be Wimmins! and than Thare “wont ” be No more Warr or Pobberty or Unfavrable Gender Outcomes!

&And yiu can “thank” Us Interrlecturals four it!

13 comments on “Help get ridd Of Maskulinty!

  1. Can you imagine what a disaster it would be if ‘ol joe and frens were able to get their way? Hah! Men have their own special ways, appearances,
    objectives, on and on, and they are precious to the progress of the world
    (in so far as humans do contribute, under God’s rule) I LOVE masculine

  2. This hatred of all things masculine is truly quite pathetic. Apparently this younger generation does not realize the things they use every day came from the hard work of others. Without masculine behavior, we probably would not have survived as a species. Our survival seems a foregone conclusion these days, but getting civilization to this point required some true courage and strength on the part of both men and women. The physical strength of a man was a real asset in the years before mechanization and forearms.

    1. Don’t give ’em any ideas. Any day now, some cage fighter will rename himself Aggressive Masculinity and run for office. 🙂

    2. Well, cage fighters aren’t known for being PC and I doubt they’re pronoun sensitive either. 🙂

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