Naughty Jealous Cats

Years ago, my cats, Buster and Missy, liked to sit in my lap. My lap was too small for both of them, but they didn’t care. They’d jump up there and fight for space. Guess who got scratched.

And don’t you hate it when your own cat cocks back her ears and hisses at you–and you don’t know why?

Very complex creatures, these.

4 comments on “Naughty Jealous Cats

  1. I once had a cat that would freak out if I wore a hat. He could see me put it on, become frightened, so I’d take it off. If I out it back on he’d act as if he were afraid of me.

  2. Cats are such complex individuals. Sometimes they can surprise us. These kitties wouldn’t have liked it at my house. Too many rescues. There were new kitties showing up all the time and fortunately for me and for them, we didn’t have those jealousy issues. It did spread me a little thin though 🙂

  3. Reminds me of the two Siamese we had years ago. They fought over which one could sleep on the foot of the bed. One would throw the other off in the floor, then the fight was on. The cat I have now is frightened of me when I do my hair and my appearance changes. Takes him about half a day to overcome the fear.

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