Huff-Puff! Time for More Chapters

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I’ve just finished typing up half a dozen new chapters of The Temptation and sending them to Susan. The action of the story is heating up, so I’ll have to get out there tomorrow with my legal pad to find out where it goes next. I also write my Newswithviews column today, and for some reason, I’m really tired.

What will happen as Lord Chutt tries to dig up the ruins of Old Obann? Well, I can’t tell you that, not yet.

To rest my mind, I’m re-reading M. R. James’ collected ghost stories–surely the best ghost stories ever written.

And now to see if my printer is agreeable to printing the new chapters.

5 comments on “Huff-Puff! Time for More Chapters

  1. Since ‘Cellar Beneath The Cellar’, I’ve been anxious to see what other ‘treasures might be lurking in old Obann. I’m so excited we’re going back! It’s certainly an ominous place – and Chutt going there makes it all the more ominous! 🙂 Lord Reesh may have liked to see the place too, since he loved all the ‘artifacts’. Do you suppose his ghost is milling around down there?

  2. M. R. James is creepy, in a very old-fashioned British way. Have you tried Robert Aickman or Ramsey Campbell? No Christian themes, but sometimes they strike a very Jamesian mood.

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