Cats & Dogs Acting Human

I won’t say I’ve ever caught Robbie or Peep lighting up one of my cigars–mostly because they don’t have opposable thumbs. But I will say you can’t really understand cats or dogs until you realize that these are not toys but actual personalities–persons, if you will–that are apart from yours; that a cat or dog has his own agenda which is not necessarily or even likely yours; and that if they love you, they’re sincere.

But they can also use hammocks or tuck themselves into bed.

7 comments on “Cats & Dogs Acting Human

  1. Every one of these is so cute and funny, but I think the bulldog sitting person-like on the sofa, watching television and making irreverent person noises is hilarious 🙂

  2. The piano-playing-cat phenomenon amazes me. They seem to have a sense of timing, at the very least. Are they imitating the humans in their life? It would seem like it to me.

  3. Well, since we live in an age where everyone can pretend to be anything, I suppose its only fair that animals can pretend to be humans.

    1. I’m not sure, but it sounds to me like a job where one parasite is looking for another parasite.

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