If You Don’t Like the Textbook…

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You’d think anybody, exercising his First Amendment right, could go to a public meeting of his local school board and voice his opinion of any textbook or other teaching material used in any of his local public schools–which he, through his taxes, pays for.

But in Florida they’ve had to pass a special law to allow it (http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20170719/textbook-case-new-law-lets-public-challenge-school-materials).

Starting in the next school year, any member of the community can challenge any school material, and the board will be obliged to listen. Before the new law was enacted, this aspect of free speech was reserved for parents of students, no one else. So much for the First Amendment applying to everybody. And if you think school officials paid attention to parental objections–hey, wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

Many Educators are peeved about the new law because they think it’ll allow a lot of ignorant peasants to challenge “science”–that is, the teaching of Darwinism and Climbit Change. Why don’t we all just shut up and let them indoctrinate our children as they please? Who do we think we are? I mean, this could so easily get out of hand! Next thing you know, the riff-raff will be objecting to lessons that teach Islam and socialism. Where will it end?

Don’t we all know by now that teachers’ union members are the wisest of the wise, and everything they say is right? How dare we challenge them!

“Our concern is that school boards across the state will be forced to give a lot of time and effort and perhaps even some finances to field complaints from citizens that don’t know a lot about science themselves,” said one of the science ayatollahs.

One thing we do know, sunshine: you take an awful lot of our money with very little good to show for it.

4 comments on “If You Don’t Like the Textbook…

  1. Modern day ‘teachers’ – ahem – indoctrinators – and their unions are a drain and a bane on our society and our children.

    1. Your tax dollars at work!
      Does anyone suspect that maybe something not quite legal happened here?
      “The really excellent thing in a general, Themistocles, is to keep the money from sticking to his fingers.” –Aristides (per Plutarch)

    2. And what will they do when the economy crashes and there are no jobs, which of course means there is no tax base. What mystifies me is how in the world they wound up feeling so entitled. Do they stop to reason that there is a cause and effect here? I’m also a bit surprised at the continued apathy and slumber that has overtaken the nation. We once were the silent majority. Now, I fear, all that silence has put many to sleep.

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