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NY Governor: ‘I’m Undocumented’

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose mother and father were both born in New York City, and who himself was born there, embarrassed even his fellow leftids a few days ago by claiming to be an illegal alien (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/19/andrew-cuomo-claims-hes-undocumented-challenges-officials-to-deport-him.html).

“I’m undocumented,” prattled the Democrat governor, and dared federal officials to deport him. This is the same Andrew Cuomo, whose father, Mario, was also governor of New York: the same Andrew Cuomo who once said there was no place for conservatives in his state.

Even “immigrant” groups jumped on his statement, and demanded he apologize. Said one spokesman, “It’s incredible that the governor would try to claim to have shared our experience.” Well, identity politics does get out of hand sometimes.

But wouldn’t that be cool if the feds found some way they could deport him? Not a dry eye in the house!

What Happened to the Liberal Scream-Fest?

Yo, leftids! I can’t hear you screaming. What happened? You promised you were gonna get together today, thousands of you, and “scream helplessly at the sky” to protest the American people’s election of Donald Trump, a year ago, to be their president. And so another liberal wing-ding fails to come off.

What’s that you say? You don’t have to scream–because Democrats won yesterday in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City. Yes, they held on to these leftid hell holes; and that proves the American people have seen the error of their ways and now, yes, now, they are solidly behind your program of open borders and sanctuary cities, jail for Climbit Change deniers, Obamacare forever, “hate speech” laws out the wazoo, abortion, transgender, confiscation of firearms, citizen of the world, astronomically high taxes, and finish the job of Fundamental Transformation of America!

Yes, it all worked! The Antifa riots. The other riots. The football protests. All that Russia crap. Trashing historical monuments. Yup, you found the key to America’s heart, and 2018 should be a real walkover for Democrats. You’ll take over and put the country back on track to become the Venezuela of the North.

And here I was, thinking it just goes to show that wet, soggy, waterlogged, bow tie and country club, dull as dishwater “moderate Republicans” from the GOP Establishment just can’t beat anybody. And all just because they don’t appeal to anybody.

But obviously I was wrong. Democrats won yesterday, and here they come!

Lib Cafe Charges 18% ‘Man Tax’

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And Australia is now making its move in the ongoing Ninnie Derby, coming on fast!

See if you can follow this chain of reasoning.

*The BBC publishes a list of its top salaries, and only one person on it is a woman. PM Theresa May is dismayed.

*In Melbourne, Australia, in response to the “gender gap” at the BBC, which is on the opposite side of the world from Melbourne, a “vegan cafe” called Handsome Her will now charge all male patrons–if they have any–an 18% “man tax,” plus they will always seat women first. This, babbles the owner, is a way of “making men stop and question their privilege.” (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4176712/men-tax-pay-more-melbourne-cafe/)

Gee, it sure looks to me like the ones with the “privilege” are those who get coddled and praised and allowed to piss all over whoever they decide has been “oppressing” them:  ordinary white men have the privilege of being blamed for everything, paying for everything, and being hated for everything.

But then what kind of hop-toad is going to go into a vegan cafe in the first place?

Is there a technical term for a man who takes pleasure in getting abused by lesbians? (And don’t say “Yeah–a Democrat!”)

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